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Airco style Cutting Tips

Airco style Cutting Tips for Acetylene & LP

ATL Welding Supply has a wide variety of cutting tips for the old & new Airco brand cutting torches.  We stock Airco style cutting tips for use with both acetylene & LP gases.  There are many styles of cutting tips for the old Airco torches.  Please examine the photos closely before deciding which one is compatible with your torch. 

Airco is one of the most widely known brands in welding history.  They started back in the day when basically the only two brands around were Airco & Linde.  However many years ago the company disbanded & sold off the rights to their parts to several different companies.  Some of which are still doing business today.  A company named Concoa bought the rights to Airco oxy-fuel cutting & welding equipment.  Concoa has recently within the past couple of years started manufacturing Airco cutting torches & outfits after a long down time while the concentrated on the regulator & manifold part of the business.  ESAB Cutting & Welding bought the rights to make Airco mig & tig welding parts.