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Cutting Tip Adaptors

  Multi-Use Tips & Adapters

Here's how the system works.  The tip adaptor fits into your specfied style of cutting torch.  Your existing or new tip nut threads onto the torch head.  Some styles require a new tip nut because of the increased diameter of the tip adaptor.  Then a multi-use tip threads onto the tip adaptor, whether it is a cutting tip, welding tip or heating tip. 

This easy-to-use, 2 step system can save you up to 60% in oxy-fuel tip replacement costs by speeding up down time due to application tip changes or wear.  Multi-Use tips average half the cost of traditional oxy-fuel tips & absorb 99% of the wear.  

The initial cost is more but the principle behind this system is that the adapter does not have to be changed.  This leaves you with only the $6.95 multi-use tip to replace when worn.  Just take a look at one of your old 1 & 2 piece tips to see exactly what we're talking about.  

The most popular feature of this system is that you can switch between cutting, welding, & heating tips without dismantling your torch.  Saving your torch handles' threads & your time.  It will also let you heat & weld from a straight torch if you like.

Step 1: Choose which style is your torch.

Step 2: Choose the type of tip needed for your gas & application. eg. Cutting Tip, Welding tip, Heating Tip or all three.