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Heating Tips

Having a good heating tip is an nice option for anyone with an oxy-acetylene cutting torch.  It can be used for most anything from heating up bolts for loosening to beating or bending flat steel.  Some people try to make a cutting tip do the job of a heating tip but most generally there is not enough heat.  Of course there is always the risk of blowing right through the metal with the oxygen from your cutting tip.  For safety, efficiency, and many other reasons, we always recommend using the right tool for the job.  Most of the heating tips that are available for cutting torches are made for use with acetylene gas.  That is because acetylene burns much hotter than LP, around 1600 degrees difference.  We do have some heating tips for LP but they usually require accessories that end up costing a bundle.  The most inexpensive way to get heating tip setup with LP is to use our Cutting Tip Adaptor System.