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Harris Model 142 LP Cutter Pak

Harris Model 142 LP Cutter Pak

  • $ 239.95

Our Harris Model 142 LP Cutter Pak includes a heavy duty cutting torch for use with LP, propane, propylene or natural gas. The torch is designed for long duration cutting with an over the handle oxygen lever that will lock down with the push of a thumb. It comes complete with a 6290NFF-1 cutting tip for LP, propane or natural gas. The tip is capable of cutting up to 1" thick steel plate.

This Genuine Harris LP cutting torch kit also has a set of Model 25GX regulators. The oxygen regulator has a higher than normal capacity working pressure of 145 psi with CGA 540 inlet. The fuel regulator included is designed for use with acetylene but will work fine with alternate fuels (LP, propane, propylene or natural gas). It has a 0-15 working pressure & a CGA 510 inlet fitting that will fit LP tanks & POL acetylene. Both regulators have a forged brass body and 2 1/2" diameter gauges.

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