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Marquette Gasless Hobby Mig Welder M12178

Marquette Gasless Hobby Mig Welder M12178

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This gasless hobby mig welder is designed for the home workshop. It can perform light steel fabrication, repair and maintenance at an economical and affordable price. This portable wire welder uses flux-cored wire for gasless welding. No shield mig gas is required. The design of the welder makes it simple to operate. Simply plug the machine into any 115 volt outlet and select a high or low amperage setting.l The wire speed is automatically set for your convenience. Its portable handle and light weight make this unit easy to transport. It is the perfect welding addition to the home workshop. The welder does not include contractor circuitry so the wire is live when the machine is operational.


  • Automatic wire speed.
  • Two heat settings
  • Thermostatic Protection


  • Input Voltage: 115 volts, single phase
  • Input Current: 15 Amps
  • Output Voltage: 20 VDC
  • Output Current: 90 Amps Maximum
  • Duty Cycle: 15%

Manufacturer's Warranty:


  • 5 years on transformer, 2 years on labor, parts, 1 year on gun & cables


  • Marquette Technical Service: (866) 236-0044


(800) 551-1086



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