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DieHard 750 DC to AC Power Inverter

DieHard 750 DC to AC Power Inverter

  • $ 39.95

DieHard 750 DC to AC Power Inverter.

Converts 12V DC power to 110V AC Household Electrical Power. Use in cars, vans, SUVs, Boats and Recreational vehicles. Ideal for laptop computers, cell phones, video games, portable CD or Mp3 players, TVs, small appliances and power tools.

  • Convenient connects directly to battery with clamps.
  • On/ Off switch and LED indicator.
  • Digital Display shows battery voltage, output voltage or output wattage.
  • Two 110V AC household Outlets.
  • Thermal Protection shuts unit down if operating temperature is excessive.
  • Surge protection protects against damaging current fluctuations.
  • Built in high speed cooling fan helps inverter cool during use.
  • Low battery alarm reduces surprise shutdowns.

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