5 lmpressive Welding Project Ideas for Home, Hobbies, or To Sell

5 lmpressive Welding Project Ideas for Home, Hobbies, or To Sell

If you're someone who enjoys completing a hands-on project, we've got the perfect hobby for you. 

Welding or using heat to transform metals into different shapes and sizes. 

You don’t have to be a professional welder to enjoy the feeling of creating with your own two hands. If you’re already experienced with welding you should consider cashing in on your hobby. If you’re just starting out there’s a fulfilling DIY welding project waiting for you.

There are so many types of projects to explore within welding. Put your skills to the test and challenge your craft. 

We’ve outlined 5 welding projects to get your gears turning. Break out the brainstorm paper, you’re going to want to write these down.

Can I Start My Own Welding Projects?

Projects can be as complex or as simple as you want. Depending on what you’re creating you can focus on utility, design, or a little of both.

With the right safety equipment, DIY projects are within your grasp. Here are some projects to get you started.

1. Tandem Bike

Tandem bikes make wonderful gifts to young parents and general cyclist enthusiasts. You can also sell your bikes to local bike shops or bike rental business.

This project combines function and style. When you take on this project you can maintain a clean design if you use two identical bikes. For a more impressive design, weld together mismatching bikes for a unique frame.

2. Bring the BBQ to Your Backyard

This is a great project to keep for yourself or one you could sell for a good profit. A homemade BBQ has better quality than any cheap grill sold at a supermarket. 

3. Crafty Outdoor Art

Forget the traditional plastic garden gnomes and flamingos. Scavenge a scrap metal pile and form your own cool creature. You can get creative with style and design. 

Outdoor art is affordable to make and is in high demand. These pieces can be placed in yards, gardens, and patios.

4. Industrial Coffee Table

Update your own home or sell it to your favorite coffee shop in town. You can use reclaimed metal and a polished wood to create this table. You can weld cubbies or shelving underneath the wood surface for added storage.

5.Room Décor

Welding projects for room décor are endless. You can sell your pieces at local art markets, interior design stores, and online personal stores. If you’re not interested in selling, these projects are a good way to create quality items for your own home.

Projects include picture frames, candle holders, lamps, lamp shades, and clocks. Materials range from scrap metal, fabric, and recycled metal.

Time to Get Welding

Having a hobby like welding helps you de-stress and express yourself in a creative way.

When you start one of these welding projects remember to embrace the one of a kind look of every piece. Keep welding to improve your techniques. For more welding tips and tricks 


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