Collection: MIG Welders

ATL Welding Supply offers many different MIG welders, flux core welders, large shop welders and MIG welder packages that can work for nearly any MIG welding project.  We have MIG welders that are new and factory reconditioned MIG welding machines, with the same warranty as new.  We sell several brands of MIG welders including Lincoln, Marquette and Century which are also made by Lincoln.  We also have a few 210 Amp machines from Forney Industries which is a good quality by a USA based company. 

All of our MIG welders will work with gas or flux core welding.  We also offer the less expensive flux core only wire welder, the Century K3493-1.  If you intend to eventually use gas you must purchase one of our MIG welders instead of the flux core only models.  We also include our Spool Guns for MIG welders in this collection.  Each model shows which welder it is compatible with in the description.  All of our spool guns require 100% Argon gas for welding aluminum.  Our MIG welder with spool gun packages are the best prices available for the 2 pieces.