Collection: Torch and Regulator Accessories

ATL Welding Supply has cutting torch and regulator accessories including check valves, flashback arrestors and quick connects.  These torch and regulator accessories provide added safety and security for your torch equipment.  Each accessory has the torch version and its’ counterpart that fits on the regulators.  The torch and regulator accessory versions look very similar but they are not interchangeable so please confirm you have the correct item before purchasing. 

Check valves prevent the reverse flow of gas that can result in a flashback.  However, they do not prevent the flashback itself which can also result from a blockage in gas flow.  Flashback arrestors will prevent flashback and also act as check valves.  They are longer and heavier than check valves so some cutting equipment users prefer the check valves.  Quick connects provide security for your cutting equipment.  Putting quick connects on your cutting equipment makes it easier to disconnect and move to secure storage away from thieves.