Collection: Welding Hoods

ATL Welding Supply has a good stock of quality passive and auto darkening helmets that will meet the needs of almost any professional or part-time welder.  Our welding helmets are a great value for a terrific price. All of our welding helmets/hoods have adjustable ratchet headgears to fit any size head. We also have spare parts for helmets including headgear sweatbands and other welding hood accessories.

Passive welding helmets are the traditional kind with no auto darkening features.  The lens is a fixed shade and you have to lift the helmet up and down between welding to see your work.  Some of the passive helmets have a flip-up lens where you can lift the lens to see clearly without lifting the whole helmet.

We have several styles of auto darkening helmets and even more designs.  They change from light to dark within 1/25,000th of a second after striking the arc.  Most of them are variable shade meaning you can change the level of darkness for different types of welding.  Our welding helmets have a shade variation between shade 9-13.  A few of our helmets are fixed shade 10.