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Lincoln K5387-5 Multi-Process 180i Mig Tig Stick Welder Dual Voltage w Tig Package

Lincoln K5387-5 Multi-Process 180i Mig Tig Stick Welder Dual Voltage w Tig Package

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Lincoln K5387-5 Multi-Process 180i Mig Tig Stick Welder Dual Voltage w Tig Package


Lincoln K5257-1 Multi-Process 180 Amp Mig Stick Tig Welder 180i MP Dual Voltage. The WELD-PAK® 180i MP® DV welding machine is a lightweight and portable welder that connects to 120 or 230 volt power. This Lincoln mig welder is an excellent choice for MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored, and DC TIG welding. The intuitive user interface, easy setup, and full list of accessories permits welding in no-time.


  • Multi-Process unit capable of MIG, TIG, and Stick welding
  • MIG weld at 20-180 Amps
  • DC TIG weld at 10-165 Amps
  • Stick weld at 25-160 Amps


  • Fast tool less drive roll changeovers
  • Simple two knob operation
  • Single button for process selection


  • Lightweight and portable at 34.5 lbs
  • Conveniently plugs into household 230 volt or 120 volt power with included adaptor.


  • Product Number: K5257-1
  • Input Power Voltage/Phase/Hertz: 120/230/1/60
  • Rated Output Current - Amps/Voltage/Duty Cycle: 165A/22V/30% Mig, 165A/16.6V/30% Tig, 160A/26.4V/25% Stick
  • Input Current at Rated Output: 20A
  • Output Range: 30-180A Mig, 10-165A Tig, 25-160A Stick.
  • Wire Feed Speed: 40-500 IPM
  • H x W x D: 13.6 x 8.9 x 18.1
  • Net Weight: 34.5 lbs

Accessories Included:


  • Magnum® 100L gun and 10 ft. (3.0 m) cable assembly with brass connection and 8-pin trigger connector
  • .025 in. (0.6 mm) contact tip
  • .030 in. (0.9 mm) contact tip
  • Gasless nozzle for Innershield® welding
  • Gas nozzle for MIG welding
  • Spindle adapter for 8 in. (203 mm) diameter spools
  • .025 - .035 in. (0.6 - 0.9 mm) wire diameter dual track drive roll for MIG and flux-cored welding

Shielding Gas Apparatus

  • Harris® Gas Regulator and 52 in. (1.3 m) hose for use with Ar/ CO2 blend gases.

Lincoln K1782-17 Tig Welding Torch 12.5 ft PTA-17 w 1 pc Connection for K5257-1.

  • Meet the performance needs of the professional.
  • Comfortable knurled handle for a non-slip sure grip for precise control of TIG Torch.
  • Molded lip/ridge on the torch handle for easy connecting of a zippered cable cover. Allows cable cover to be securely attached to torch handle.
  • All Pro-Torch TIG torches are made from the highest quality materials to assure high performance and long life.
  • Turns on the soldenoid only when an arc is struck.
  • One year Lincoln warranty on torch.

Lincoln K4361-1 Tig Welding Foot Pedal for LE31MP, Power MIG 140MP & 180I MP.

The foot pedal works with select Lincoln welders only.  


  • Controls the amperage when TIG welding. 
  • Enhances workplace safety by providing the right amperage & less adjusting.
  • Gives the optimum amperage for any TIG welding project.
  • 8 Pin Connector
  • 6 ft Long Cable


  • Work clamp and 10 ft. (3.0 m) cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Electrode holder with 10 ft. cable for stick welding
  • Quick Start guide

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