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Pallet 72pc ER70S-6 Mig Welding Wire .035 44lb Rolls

Pallet 60pc ER70S-6 Mig Welding Wire .035 44lb Rolls

  • $ 2,640.00

(60) 44 lbs. rolls of ER70S-6 mild steel mig welding wire with .035 diameter. This is the most common size used with smaller amperage welding machines. It meets AWS standard 5.18. It is designed for superior performance with very little spatter. This wire is precision wound which means it comes of the roll one wrap at a time & does not overlap. Precision wound welding wire allows you to have more consistent wire speed while welding. Spool is 10 1/2" diameter with a 2" arbor hole. Welding wire requires shielding gas.  2640 lbs of wire.

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