Company History and About us

ATL Welding Supply, LLC is a privately owned family business located on Hwy 54 between the small, rural towns of Bowling Green and Louisiana, in Northeast Missouri.  We have had a "brick and mortar" storefront from 1981-2014 under the name Alan T Lynn Inc.  Alan T Lynn Inc still operates on the same property as a steel and used industrial supply distributor. has been published online since 2001 and finally became its' own LLC company in 2014.  The welding supply storefront has grown to a is still does business to locals and commuting customers.

Our company first began in welding supplies as a compliment to our steel sales business.  Mainly specializing in stick welding electrodes and Harris Cutting Equipment.  The customer base was mainly farmers and small industrial businesses within Pike County.  As word spread more of our customers came from outside Pike County than within it. So it just came naturally for us to get on the internet in 2001 which was fairly early for such a small business.  Since 2001 our product lines have grown and modernized with welding technology. 

The team here at is led by John Lynn, the founder of our online business.  He now has over 14 years of experience in selling welding supplies online.  Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding the website or welding supply products.

  • John Lynn
  • 18120 Hwy 54
  • Bowling Green MO 63334
  • (800) 551-1086