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Lincoln U1297 AC/DC Stick Welder w Accessories 230V Reconditioned

Lincoln U1297 AC/DC Stick Welder w Accessories 230V Reconditioned

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Our Factory Reconditioned Lincoln AC/DC stick welders have the same 3 year warranty as new.  They are in like new condition and are packaged in the same box as new.

The AC/DC 225/125 is the same proven design as the renowned AC-225 arc welder, but adds the smoother, more stable DC welding arc. This machine is ideal for farm, shop, and home use where improved arc welding performance is desired. 


  • Insulated electrode holder & cable.
  • Heavy duty ground clamp & cable.
  • 230V Electrical cord


  • Easy to operate- With front mounted AC/DC polarity switch and fu l range amperage selector switch for accurate and dependable procedure setting. 
  • Smooth arc- Makes it easy to weld with different electrodes, including mild steel, low hydrogen, stainless steel and hardfacing electrodes. 
  • Input Power 230/1/60 
  • Rated Output AC: 225A/25V/20% Duty Cycle DC: 125A/25V/20% Duty Cycle 
  • Input Current @ Rated Output AC: 50A DC: 36A C 
  • Output Range AC: 40-225 Amps, DC: 30-125 Amps 
  • Weight/Dimensions (H x W x D) 124 lbs. (56.3 kg) 24.0 x 17.25 x 12.0" (610 x 438 x 305 mm) 
  • 125 amp DC output- Enough for most 1/8” (3.2 mm) electrodes. 225 amp AC output- Enough for 3/16” (4.8 mm) diameter general purpose mild steel electrodes and 5/32” (4.0 mm) sizes of other electrodes. 
  • NEMA rated, UL listed and CSA approved.
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