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Metal sanding disc backing pad used for polishing metals

5 x 5/8-11 Metal Sanding Disc Backing Pad

  • $ 6.99

5 x 5/8-11 Angle Grinder Backing Pad. This pad is made of solid high-quality rubber, just flexible enough to polish & sand properly. The top of the pad is 5/8-11 thread that fits most any grinder. Each backing pad does include the disc nut as shown in the photo.

This sanding disc backing pad is for use with 5 x 7/8 resin fiber sanding discs. These discs are usually made of aluminum oxide but can also be zirconia or other materials used for grinding, sanding, or polishing metal, stainless, or aluminum.

Other sizes also available. Find them in our abrasives category. 

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