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Marquette by Lincoln

Lincoln K3269-1 Mig Welding Spool Gun for Aluminum

Lincoln K3269-1 Mig Welding Spool Gun for Aluminum

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The Lincoln K3269-1 Magnum Pro Mig Welding Spool Gun will be substituted by the Marquette K3295-1 Autopro Spool Gun for this item.  It is the exact same as a Lincoln K3269-1 Magnum Pro 100SG Spool Gun except for the stickers.  

Compatible with the following mig welders:

  • Marquette by Lincoln K3292-1 
  • Marquette by Lincoln K3293-1
  • Power Mig 216
  • Power Mig 210 MP
  • Power Mig 140C
  • Power Mig 180C
  • Power Mig 180 Dual
  • SP-140T
  • SP-180T


  • Lightweight & Easy to Use
  • Ergonomic grip and balanced design
  • Excellent trigger feedback, even through a welding glove
  • No bulky adapter module required
  • Lincoln Premium Magnum Pro expendable gun parts improve heat dissipation and extend life.
  • For all aluminum alloys.


  • Spool Gun with 10 ft Gun Cable
  • Spool of .035 4043 aluminum alloy
  • 0.030 -0.035 Drive Roll
  • Contact Tips KP2744-035T (3pk)
  • Electrical harness with toggle switch (must be installed in welder)
  • Sturdy Carrying Case
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