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Lincoln Ranger 250GXT Engine Driven Welder w Cover & Helmet Reconditioned

Lincoln Ranger 250GXT Engine Driven Welder w Cover & Helmet Reconditioned

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U2382-4HC.  Factory reconditioned with 3 year manufacturer's warranty (same as new). Contact us for photos of the exact machine.  The machine is in stock & ships from our location.  No wait like when shipped from the manufacturer.  To sweeten the deal we are including a Lincoln canvas cover and an auto darkening helmet.  The machine does not include the welding leads.


Get all of the XTras needed for construction and maintenance work. That's XTra welding performance with 250 amps for AC or DC stick and DC wire welding and XTra power with up to 11,000 watts peak for lights, grinders or high amperage equipment. You also get XTra protection and quiet operation with the Lincoln enclosed case.

  • Totally Enclosed Case
    • Engine is fully protected.
    • 3 service access doors.
    • Low Noise - 76.4 dBA sound level at 23 ft. (7 m). 100.7 dB sound power (Lwa) at rated output.
    • Choose from painted, camo wrapped, or stainless steel roof, case sides and engine doors.
  • Versatile AC/DC Welding
    • AC/DC welding output for a broad range of stick electrode types.
    • Excellent AC TIG welding with optional TIG Module and either a foot or hand Amptrol for aluminum and other alloy welding.
    • MIG and Flux-Cored capable (with optional equipment).
    • Remote ready! 6-pin connector and local/remote switch for remote control operation.
  • 11,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
    • 10,000 watts continuous power for generator output, plasma cutter or inverter welder.
    • Power-up lights, grinder, and power tools.
  • 23 HP Kohler® Gasoline Engine
    • 2 cylinder, 4 cycle overhead valve air-cooled design.
    • Electric fuel pump avoids vapor lock.
    • Oil drain extension for easy oil changes.
    • 12 gallon tank for extended run times.
    • Electric fuel gauge located on control panel makes it easy to check the fuel level during operation and refueling.
  • Rugged Reliability
    • Welding and AC Generator Outputs Rated at 104°F (40°C).


    • Totally Enclosed Case
    • Versatile AC/DC Welding
    • 11,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
    • 23 HP Kohler Gasoline Engine
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