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Washington Alloy 7018 5/32" Welding Rods 10 lbs - ATL Welding Supply

Washington Alloy 7018 5/32" Welding Rods 10 lbs

  • $ 34.95

7018 is the most efficient general purpose, iron powder-low hydrogen electrode used for welding carbon steels, free-machining steels & low alloy steels with a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi. 7018 has a very good deposition rate, providing a quiet steady arc with low spatter & medium penetration. Weld deposits are of x-ray quality with easy slag removal, exceptional mechanical properties & a smooth uniform bead appearance. 7018 has excellent operator appeal & may be used in any position with AC or DC.
7018 electrodes are used for many ASTM specifications. More specific applications would include process piping, cold rolled steels such as found in heavy machinery fabrications, firdc & unfired pressure vessels, shop & field welding of bridges & structural steels, cast steels, shipbuilding, just about any medium carbon, low alloy steel where the welds are subject to X-ray inspection.

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